How Engaged is Your Workforce? Knowing is Half the Battle!

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” That was my response to a good friend as we were discussing his company over lunch last week. He had called me to discuss some issues that he was having in his sales department. In the period of two weeks, three of his best salespeople had left for other opportunities. He was frustrated both by the loss of several key players on his team, and by the fact that he felt he had been blindsided with the mass exodus. During the exit interviews with his former team members, he learned that at least two of the departures were a product of tensions that had existed in the sales department for more than 6 months but that he had been unaware of. He was being pretty hard on himself for missing these cues and was wondering if there was something he could have done to prevent the departures if he had known about the negative team environment ahead of time.

Employee Engagement has received a lot of attention over the last several years and many companies are implementing engagement surveys to monitor and measure the overall health of their organizations in real time. The knowledge and insight that a well-designed engagement survey provides to an organizations leadership is critical to making proactive business decisions. The mantra “you can’t manage what you what you can’t measure” resonates with the needs of managers in today’s highly competitive labor market where employees have lots of employment opportunities. While an engagement survey is not a “magic bullet” for addressing engagement and culture issues, knowing where the organizational “hot spots” are, and where you might be about to experience employee turnover is an invaluable resource for upper management. Engagement surveys can provide key insights into what business challenges are coming down the pipeline and help managers not to be blindsided.

If your organization needs to implement an engagement survey to measure the current state of your business, or if you need help developing and implementing strategies to help mitigate the identified challenges that exist in your organization, LEAD Workforce Consulting can help. Remember, “Knowing is Half the Battle."

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